Thursday, August 9, 2007

Tally of Founder's Men (and Queen's Men) - Breakdown by Company

Total Count: 248 (as of 30 Apr 2024)

8th Penang :27

3rd Kuala Lumpur : 19

1st Ipoh : 17
1st Kuala Lumpur :17

2nd Kota Kinabalu : 11 (12 if include Steven Voo Su Yee)

19th Penang: 10

3rd Butterworth: 9

1st Penang : 8 (including Queen's Men)

4th Kuala Lumpur:7
1st Kuching : 7
21st Penang: 7
7th Kuching: 7

2nd Sandakan: 6
3rd Kota Kinabalu: 6

2nd Penang : 5
2nd Kuching : 5
4th Kota Kinabalu : 5
10th Kuala Lumpur: 5

1st Sungei Petani : 4
1st Johor Bahru :4
3rd Sibu:4
1st Sibu: 4
16th Penang : 4
12th Kuala Lumpur: 4

1st Manjung : 3
14th Penang :3
18th Penang: 3
8th Kuching :3

1st Klang : 2
3rd Penang : 2
5th Sandakan : 2
1st Petaling Jaya : 2
2nd Puchong: 2
6th Miri: 2
4th Kajang: 2

1st Seremban: 1
4th Sibu: 1
1st Kluang : 1
1st Teluk Intan : 1
1st Nibong Tebal : 1
1st Serdang: 1
2nd Bintangor: 1
2nd Subang Jaya: 1
3rd Tawau : 1
6th Penang : 1
10th Kota Kinabalu: 1
17th Penang : 1
3rd Manjung : 1
3rd Petaling Jaya : 1
3rd Kuching: 1
5th Miri : 1
8th Petaling Jaya: 1
3rd Kajang: 1
3rd Subang Jaya: 1
10th Sibu: 1
4th Bintulu: 1
1st Bintulu: 1
6th Kuching: 1
(2nd Tawau : 1 if include Kevin Loo Seng Pung)

(Last Update: 2 Apr 2024)

Note: Current list does not reflect dual companies. Instead, the recipient's company that he was an active serving member at the time he received the award is listed. This is to avoid confusion in the quantity of recipients.


Unknown said...

It is indeed a surprise to see such a detail records of the BB Queen and Founder Badge winner.

It brings back such wonderful memories of my BB days with 1st KL.

My brother Chan Tong(1961)and I, appreciate your painstaking effort in building such a site.

Most of all we thank you for remembering us..we are so honoured!

God Bless!!

Col(Rtd) Dato' Chia Chan Sing

Eddie Chin K.C said...

To whom it may concerned,
My name is Sgt Chin Kee Cheong of 4th KL (before 1970 ).I misplace my Founders Badge when sifting house quite some time ago and I wonder whether I can get a replacement ?
Eddie Chin

Eddie Chin K.C said...

There should 4 Founders Men for 4th KL.Miss Out :SSgt Tan Chin Huat 2 years before us ( Chin Kee Cheong & Poon Kai Sing who together with 6 members (Sgt Peter Siew & 2 ( 3rd K.L & 1 or 2from 1st KL & other company )was officially Awarded by a Dato who commited Suicide in PJ Trinity Church beside Tun Hussein Eye Hospital.So how come Peter Siew & others in the list is 2 years before us.We got the F/badge at the same Time?Pl Do the necessary Check & update.Thanks.

FoundersBadge said...

Hi Eddie,

Thanks for writing.

As for the replacement of your Founder's Badge, it is best that you contact BBM HQ at 603-7784-4262 to check for the proper replacement procedure.

Regarding the omission of names and the difference in dates, I can only say that whatever is recorded from this page is taken from BBM website and BBM records. Perhaps during your time, they counted from the time the people submitted their report.

During your time (before 1970), perhaps there is a different procedure and timing for approval. Maybe Peter Siew and the others' badges were approved earlier but not manage to be awarded due to lack of national level or state level events during those years, so he had to wait till 1969 to be awarded same time as you guys.

Again, back to the missing names, I apologize as we are unable to do anything unless there is any official documentation submitted to us either from that respective individuals or from BBM HQ, then we can include their names in our listing.

Actually, we are a private group of individuals who are interested in the statistics and preserving the honour roll of Founders' Men, not an official BBM affiliated site.

Once again, thanks for voicing out your concern to us.


Unknown said...

Hi there.

Firs and foremost let me thank you guys for putting together a roll of honour for Queen's Men and Founder's Men in Malaysia.

My name is Rajivan Nambiar and am one of the Founder's Men listed on your roll. However, just to update your roll, both myself and Han Liang (2nd Penang) received our badges when we were Staff Sergeants with our Company. Our rank is missing from the list.

Hope you can update the roll accordingly with this information.

Thank you for the wonderful job!

Rajivan Nambiar

Uncle Yap said...

Just a slight correction to my rank. It was Staff Sergeant in 1964 when my name was nominated for the Award which was approved in 1965 when I was in Form VI in Johor Bahru helping to keep the 1st JB Company alive on life support. In 1966, that famous saviour, Captain Paul Juby formerly of 1st Sungai Petani was transferred to Johor and he took over from me and made 1st JB into one of the best companies in Malaysia.

For the record, I was physically given my badge at a ceremony in St Paul, an Anglican church in PJ in 1968 when I was a student at the University of Malaya.

S.Sgt Yap Yok Foo